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Nano Mister

Nano Mister

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Nano mister with ultra-fine atomization mist accelerates and solidifies any cyanoacrylate adhesive within seconds. Simply fill with water, turn on and hold 8-12 inches from the eyes while gently moving the fine vapor mist back and forth, from eye to eye for 20-30 seconds to cure the adhesive instantly. No more waiting 24-48 hours before getting the lashes wet! Lightweight and holds 30ml of water. Use distilled water only to prevent build up. USB rechargeable.

Atomization: 1.25-1.4mL per minute
Water capacity: 30mL

To use: Ensure mister is fully charged. Fill water tank to fill line. At end of las service hold 15-20cm away from clients face and move mister around in a figure 8 motion to ensure even and light distribution of mist. Mister will turn off after 30 seconds 

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