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Ultra Speed Promade Fans - 3D

Ultra Speed Promade Fans - 3D

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Ultra-Speed Lashes are the perfect fit for those looking for that gorgeous dramatic look while saving time. Our lashes are made from the highest quality pbt, with a light glue bonding at the base.

Using our ultra speed lashes results in a high quality, fluffy, featherlight lash with a semi glossed, matte black finish.


How to use Ultra-speed lashes?

- Lay the stripe on silicone pad (silicone pad not included)

- Use tweezers, hold the fans from the base

- Pull up and forward gently

- Dip the fans to lash adhesive and apply using 1:1 classic technique ( recommend to apply under the natural lashes for better retention) Use slightly more adhesive for fans then what you use for classic lashes. 


  • Soft, Black Fibers with a curl that doesn't drop
  • Each Box Contains 500 fans
  • 3D fans are 0.07 thickness 

We are OBSESSED with our lashes. See for yourself

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