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Online Russian Volume Lash Training Course

Online Russian Volume Lash Training Course

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Russian Volume Lash Extension Online Training from Lethal Lashes

If you are new to volume lashing this course is for you!

We suggest you are already certified in classic lashes before taking this course, this course is intended for those who are comfortable with classic and the basics of lashing. As we expect you to go into this course with that basic knowledge.


Learn 7 Techniques & Get Certified!

Learn how to apply Russian Volume eyelash extensions and you will be able to offer your clients 2D-8D fanned lashes, and earn a higher income with this added lash service!

Work at your own pace! Most students complete the course text and video in 1 day, but take all the time you need. Do not rush to get a model, take your time and practice.


What You will Receive

Once the course has been purchased we will begin to package your kit. Once it is on its way you will be emailed the login information for the course login. 

Included in your lash kit:

.07 C mixed or Trays in 9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm or alternative

1 Lethal Lashes Lash Shampoo plus Brush

1 Lethal Lashes Black Gold Adhesive

1 Lethal Lashes Primer

1 Lethal Lashes Remover

1 pkg Prep Brushes

1 pkg Mascara Wands

1 Lash Mirror

3 Round Cosmetic pads

3 Volume Dots

1 Lash Platform

2 Disposable wells

1 Micro-pore Tape

10 Eye Pads

1 Ultimate Tweezer

1 Straight Tweezer

1 Curve Tweezer


After you finish the course, you will need to practice till you feel comfortable, then you can work on a friend or family member.


Requirements after you finish the online class:

Once you have finished the online curriculum you are required work a minimum of 3 hours on your model taking multiple photos, then submit 3 photos of your work to for evaluation. Once the photos are approved you will be able to print off your certificate in your student curriculum!


*It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are following all Country and / or local jurisdictions laws relating to the selling or application of eyelash extensions. It is your responsibility to research and locate your state or province statutes and regulations, if any, regarding the practice of eyelash extensions applications, including but not limited to, the professional license or certificate that you must have and the requirements for facilities in which you can apply eyelash extensions


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