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Lethal Lashes

Pre-made Volume Lashes 3D

Pre-made Volume Lashes 3D

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Premium Rich Black, and Amazingly Soft lashes; make your volume lashes stand out from the rest!

Flexible, and Easy to pull off the strip, curl will not straighten! 


Turning a classic set in to hybrid or doing an all volume set will be so quick and simple with these pre-made lash fans.
There is no extra adhesive holding them together; so when you dip into the adhesive that's the only glue these fans have. Because of this be sure to use a good volume tweezer as they will fall apart if you pick them up incorrectly.

Use our famous Black Gold Adhesive which is great for both classic, volume and pre-made Lashes

Weight of 3 0.07 lashes = one 0.12 classic lash
16 Rows = 320 fans per tray

Mix Tray Contains 16 lines of:

2 Lines of 8mm, 2 Lines of 9mm, 3 Lines of 10mm, 3 Lines of 11mm, 3 Lines of 12mm, 3 Line of 13mm

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