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Volume Lashes 0.04

Volume Lashes 0.04

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.04, the perfect balance between mega and volume. These lashes will provide the ultimate fluff, while also being able to be used in smaller dimensions for finer lashes.

At the bottom of each strip, you will find the length, curl, and diameter of your lashes. Making them easy to identify as well as organize. All lash trays have foil backing so that you never have to deal with a strip shredding again!

All lashes are made of PBT and are very light-weight with a matte sheen.

Mix Tray Contains 16 lines of:

2 Lines of 8mm, 2 Lines of 9mm, 2 Lines of 10mm, 3 Lines of 11mm, 3 Lines of 12mm, 2 Line of 13mm, 1 Line of 14mm, 1 Line of 15mm

Short Mix Tray Contains 16 lines of:

1 Line of 7mm, 3 Lines of 8mm, 4 Lines of 9mm, 8 Lines of 10mm

Medium Mix Tray Contains 16 lines of:

6 Lines of 11mm, 6 Lines of 12mm, 4 Lines of 13mm

Long Mix Tray Contains 16 lines of:

6 Lines of 14mm, 6 Lines of 15mm, 4 Lines of 16mm

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