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Lash Fox Pro

Volume Lashes 0.07

Volume Lashes 0.07

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Introducing our exclusive Diamond Lashes 

Made from the highest quality PBT, our lashes are super dark creating the boldest set yet. 

* Darker than Mink and softer than Silk

* Pure black, 100%, deepest black in the market

Each case has 2 stickers for easy organizing. Lash strips have a foil back for quick clean up!

For best separation remember to give your lash strips a comb before using.

*Due to vendor error a large amount of our trays are unbranded with paper backings. The lashes are of equal quality*

16 Lines per Tray 

Mix trays are 7mm - 15mm

1 row 7mm

1 row 8mm

2 rows 9mm

2 rows 10mm

2 rows 11mm

2 rows 12mm

2 rows 13mm

2 rows 14mm

2 rows 15mm

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